“A Blossom, or a Book”

1557683_728501957167548_23896913_nThe March/April issue of Victoria magazine is out now, and it contains my essay on herbaria — the Victorian-era scrapbooks brimming with dried flowers that can be found in archives or, if you’re lucky, in rare book shops. It’s a topic that has been on my mind for almost a decade, and I was thrilled to have the chance to finally dive in. For anyone who wants to read more about herbaria, I thought I’d share some sources (& links) here.

One I had not seen–and wish now that I had–was just sent to me by a reader named Betsy Butler, and I’d like to share it here: “A Herbarium is One Reference Collection I Couldn’t Think of Weeding.” Butler, an Ohio librarian, had a similar experience of “discovering” a herbarium in the archives and wanting to know more about it. She visits Ohio State’s Herbarium and talks about the process of drying/pressing specimens. Enjoy!

*”A Blossom, or A Book” is a line from Dickinson’s poem, “By Chivalries as tiny.”


2 thoughts on ““A Blossom, or a Book”

  1. Betsy

    Thanks for mentioning my herbarium post. I’m glad it was helpful! The seaweed scrapbooks were new to me, and that Common-Place article was interesting. What a great publication that is!
    Have you considered blogging about your Victoria magazine journalism school project? I’d enjoy hearing more about that as I’ve been a loyal reader since the first issue, and I went to journalism school too!